Weapon Registration and Transport: JBLE I 32-102, 2.4.1-2.4.4 2.4.1. All weapons, to include firearms, muzzle loaders, bows and crossbows, must be registered with 733 SFS, utilizing AF Form 1314. 2.4.2. While in transit on JBLE-Eustis, personally owned firearms owners must have in their possession an AF Form 1314, Weapons Registration and Hunting Weapon Placard. The Hunting Weapon Placards must be displayed on the driver’s side windshield while in transit. Hunting Weapon Placards shall not be displayed when vehicle is parked and unoccupied. 2.4.3. Weapons shall be cased and inaccessible while in transit, with ammunition stored separately. 2.4.4. Weapons and ammunition shall be secured when left in unoccupied vehicle.

Authorized Weapons: JBLE I 32-102, 2.9 Bows, Crossbows, Muzzle Loaders and Shotguns (slug only).

Management Hunts: JBLE I 32-102, If management hunts are conducted, a minimum of 1 week notice will be provided at the Hunter Check Station and through e-mail distribution list.

License Requirements: JBLE I 32-102, 2.3.1-2.3.6 2.3.1. All persons 12 years of age and over must have in their possession a valid JBLE- Eustis hunting, fishing and trapping permit while participating in such activities.

2.3.2. All persons must possess appropriate federal and state hunting, fishing and trapping permits to include, but not limited to Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries small game, big game, archery, black powder, fishing and trapping licenses, federal Migratory Duck Stamp, Virginia Migratory Waterfowl Conservation Stamp, and Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration. 2.3.3. Hunters must have completed a Hunter Education Course and present certificate of completion at the time of purchasing a JBLE-Eustis permit. 2.3.4. All weapons shall be registered with 733 SFS. 2.3.5. All persons issued a JBLE-Eustis hunting, fishing or trapping permit must sign the Hunters Memorandum of Understanding (Appendix B), Release and Hold Harmless Agreement (Appendix C) and the general safety brief (Appendix E). 2.3.6. Permits may be purchased at the JBLE-Eustis Outdoor Recreation (ODR) Rental Office located at 828 Kells Drive, during normal operating hours.

Permit Fees: JBLE I 32-102, Appendix D

Permit Fees

The following is a listing of fees payable for installation hunting, fishing and trapping permits. Hunting: Annual permits are valid 1 September - 31 July (1) 100% Service Connected Disabled $0 (2) All Others $45 (3) Turkey Lottery $25 Fishing: Annual permits are valid for 1 year from date of purchase (1) All $10 Trapping: Annual permits are valid 1 September – 31 July (1) All $50

Blazed Colors: JBLE I 32-102, Deer hunters must wear the legally required blaze orange /pink IAW Virginia Code during all deer hunting seasons and deer hunting activities as defined by state law for the general firearms deer season. Waterfowl hunters must wear the legally required blaze orange/pink for deer hunting while traversing to and from waterfowl hunting locations within the boundaries of the installation during established state deer seasons. Squirrel hunters must wear the legally required blaze orange/pink for deer hunting while hunting during the deer season on JBLE-Eustis. Rabbit hunters must wear the legally required blaze orange/pink for deer hunting while hunting on JBLE-Eustis.

Deer Stands: JBLE I 32-102, 2.8.1-2.8.7 2.8.1. A system of marked trees/stands exist in each hunting area and are marked numerically. Hunters must sign for a single tree/stand to hunt from. A limited number of single and double metal stands exist. Hunters also have the option to utilize personal climbing tree stands. 2.8.2. Hunters are permitted to climb utilizing personal climbing tree stands within specific distances, not to exceed 50 yards, of the marked tree. Stand limitations and restrictions are detailed on the JBLE-Eustis Hunting Map. 2.8.3. Established “Youth Only” double metal stands are for youth hunters only and shall not be closed or utilized by anyone other than youth deer hunters. 2.8.4. Cohabitation of trees by hunters by any means except in double metal stands is prohibited. 2.8.5. Hunters are permitted to tandem hunt within the authorized specific distance of a marked stand. This activity is permitted only if the two hunters wish to hunt as a team, must notify HCS staff, HCS staff must approve and HCS staff shall notify appropriate law enforcement personnel of this activity occurring, to include who and where. HCS staff and any other person shall not request this activity of any person at any time for any reason. 2.8.6. Double metal stands will be reserved for senior hunters until 0500 hours daily. After 0500 hours, all double metal stands will be available on a first come, first serve basis. 2.8.7. Deer stands are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Lottery drawings may be conducted when deemed necessary for deer stands.

Hunt Days and Times: Hunter Check Station Procedure:

Deer Harvest Limits: JBLE I 32-102, Deer limits are two (2) per day and six (6) total per season, 3 of which must be antlered; archery, muzzle loading and firearms seasons combined.

Deer Harvest Regulations 2018-2019 Deer Season Harvest Regulations will be the following: Urban areas, defined as North of the Urban Demarcation Line, is antlerless harvest authorized entire season. Non-Urban areas, defined as South of the Urban Demarcation Line, is antlerless harvest prohibited entire season, except on 13-14 October and 20-21 October. Youth, defined as 16 years old and younger, are authorized to harvest one (1) antlerless deer in Non-Urban areas during entire season outside the 13-14 October and 20-21 October window.

Must register for Hunter Safety Course Online:  ->education ->hunter education -> basic hunter education course -> find and register for a class near you -> use zip code 23604 and change radius to within 10 miles.

Courses will take place at 828 Kellls Drive, Fort Eusis VA 23604

-- Archery Qualifications --

Hunting Area Availability

2019 Hunt Dates

Updated HCS Protocol


Archery qualification: JBLE I 32-102, Archery and crossbow hunters shall pass an archery shooting ability test every 2 years before hunting with archery tackle. Archery hunters shall hit a 7-inch target five (5) out of six (6) times at unknown distances with broad heads from an elevated position no less than 10 feet in height. Unknown distances shall be no more than 35 yards, no more than 1 shot at each distance and no more than 2 shots in each distance range of 0-15 yards, 15-25 yards and 25-35 yards. Range finders are permitted and encouraged. Persons wishing to qualify with archery tackle must provide their own target, in good condition and capable of preventing pass through shots, during testing. Persons utilizing mechanical broad heads may use practice mechanical broad heads for testing. Persons utilizing fixed broad heads must utilize a fixed broad head for testing. Broad head use shall be IAW State Code.

For information pertaining to Archery Qualifications please contact 878-2610