• Lead (757) 878-2953
  • In/Out Processing (757) 878-3124
  • Enlisted Promotions (757) 878-2872
  • Enlisted Records (757) 878-4431
  • Awards (757) 878-2872


[tab title="In Processing"]

In Processing

All officers and enlisted Soldiers (permanent party) upon arrival should report as follows:


Building 650 Monroe Avenue, Fort Eustis Virginia 23604

Officers - Room 124 Phone (757) 878-1395 Enlisted - Room 131 Phone (757) 878-4431


  1. Staff Duty Officer for 7th TB (X), Building 825 Monroe Avenue, EOC Phone (757) 878-5112 ext 228
  2. Staff Duty Officer for 128th AVN BDE, Building 2717 McLain Street, Room # 3 Phone (757) 878-6609 ext 3378 or 3367
  3. AOD for McDonald Army Health Center, Building 576 Jefferson Avenue, main entrance information desk Phone: (757) 314-7500 or (757) 872-2786
  4. Staff Duty Officer for DENTAC Building 577 Sternberg Avenue, Room # 2B Phone (757) 871-9421

Report to the building 650 by 0800 on the first duty day following weekend/holiday for in processing.


Documents needed:

1. One copy of orders and (amendments (if applicable)).

2. Request and Authority for Leave (DA FORM 31)

  • Item 14 DEPARTURE: Information must be filled in by your loosing command.
  • Item 15 EXTENSION: Information must be filled in by you gaining command if you sign in after your leave date in item 10(b).
  • Item 16 RETURN: Must be filled in at your unit after 1630 or on a weekend/holiday.
  • Item 17 REMARKS: Permissive TDY cannot go pass item 10(b). Housing referral representatives are available from 0730-1530 Monday thru Friday only (757) 878-2977 or 5579.

The ACU duty uniform is worn during in-processing at Fort Eustis.  Do not forget to bring your personnel records, including all PCS orders/amendments (if applicable), DA Form 31, medical, dental, and financial when checking in.

Your family is welcome to stay at the General Smalls Inn:  located at , 1700 Madison Ave, Fort Eustis, VA  23604.  Reservations may be made in advance of arrival by calling (757) 878-5807.  If no vacancy, you will be referred to a hotel off Fort Eustis.



[tab title="Out Processing"]

Out Processing

Officers - Room 124 Phone (757) 878-1395 Enlisted - Room 131 Phone (757) 878-4431

Clearance papers are issued daily 1300 – 1600 using the following guidelines:

(a) 5 working days - Soldiers residing in the barracks (b) 7 working days – all other Soldiers (on base housing & authorized to reside off post) (c) Intra post reassignments – 3 working days

The following documents are required for the issuance of clearance papers: - DA Form 31 (approved) - Orders - Battalion clearance papers [/tab]

[tab title="Enlisted Promotions"] Enlisted Promotions (757) 878-2872 Process SGT – SSG actions/orders Process SFC – SGM Board promotions

Visit HRC’s enlisted promotion for all updated information (cut off scores, sequence numbers, board schedule, etc):

[/tab] [tab title="Enlisted Records"]

Enlisted Records (757) 878-4431 Update Army Military Human Resource Record (AMHRR) and Casualty documents Ensure all related documents are WEB uploaded to Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS) Soldiers can review AMHRR by utilizing the following links:

[/tab] [tab title="Awards"] Awards Process individual awards and badges recommendations [/tab] [/tabs]