A&FRC provides workshops and individual consultations for active duty members, Guard, Reserve, DoD Civilians, military retirees and their eligible family members. 

•Air Force Aid Society provides emergency financial assistance in the form of interest-free loans or grants.

• Career Focus Program assists military and family members acquire necessary skills for seeking employment.

•Casualty and Survivor Benefits Program assists retiring service members with election of survivor benefits and serves as the liaison between next of kin and government agencies to initiate benefits.

• The Discovery Resource Center offers access to personal computers, laser printers, internet, and informational handouts for all program areas.

• Exceptional Family Member Program provides family support services for service members who have family members with special needs to include information referral, support in navigating on and off base resources and linking families with respite care.

• Information and Referral Program can help you connect to on and off base resources. Consultants are available to assess needs and facilitate referrals.

• Personal, Work and Family Life Program offers individual assistance and workshops designed to promote healthy, stable relationships and marriages among military personnel.


45 Nealy Ave

Wing B Suite 100 Building 15

Langley AFB, VA 23665

Phone: 757-764-3990

Chief: Glendeline (Gwen) Lee

Flight Cheif: Dawn Teagle


Monday - Friday:


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Sponsorship Training

Sponsorship is an important responsibility and your efforts make a difference.  Relocation is one of the most stressful aspects of military life.  You can make a member’s adjustment to life at Joint Base Langley – Eustis much easier by learning about new resources and tips on how to be the best sponsor you can be.  Mandatory sponsorship training is now available exclusively online at  Search:  Electronic Sponsorship Application Training (eSAT)

Sponsorship Training Now Online – This Mandatory Training can be accessed by visiting: 

Youth Sponsorship is available under Joint Base Langley-Eustis See Youth Services at:

Relocation Program

PLAN MY MOVE RELOCATION BRIEFING | This is a PCS preparation seminar for active duty and family members.  Mandatory for E1-E4 PCS'ing for the first time and all ranks PCS'ing OCONUS for the first time.  Also serves as remote tour pre-deployment briefing. Family members are encouraged to attend. Virtual MPF out-processing tasks can be cleared after completion.

NEWCOMER ORIENTATION | The Newcomers’ Orientation will be held at the Bayview Commonwealth Center. Dates are subject to change to meet mission requirements.


SPONSORSHIP TRAINING (Online) | Sponsorship is an important responsibility and your efforts make a difference.  Relocation is one of the most stressful aspects of military life.  You can make a member’s adjustment to life at Joint Base Langley - Eustis much easier by learning about new resources and tips on how to be the best sponsor you can be.  Mandatory sponsorship training is now available exclusively online at   Search: Electronic Sponsorship Application Training (eSAT).


PRE-DEPLOYMENT BRIEFING (Every Tuesday and Thursday, 1000-1130, Building 351, Room 126/127) | Learn about the practical and emotional effects of deployments and the programs and services available to support you and your family. Attendance is mandatory for all personnel tasked to deploy for over 30 days.  Registration required and checklists are signed.  Spouses are highly encouraged to attend! ***Please note, members who are scheduled for remote tours should attend the Outbound PCS Briefing.  Please contact the A&FRC to register. Family members are encouraged to attend.

REINTEGRATION BRIEFING (Every Tuesday and Thursday, 0800-0930, Building 351, Room 126/127) | Mandatory for all personnel returning from a deployment to ease the reintegration process.  Members are required to visit their UDM prior to attending reintegration. Registration required and checklists are signed at the briefing. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend.

Personal Financial Management

EXITING THE DORMS | Dorm Management, Housing, and Legal guide you through the process of moving out of the dorms. Review financial preparedness guidelines to assist in making a successful move.

FINANCE FOR FIRST DUTY STATION OFFICERS | Mandatory for all First Duty Station Officers. Learn about financial resources that will help you as a supervisor or with your peers. Contact the A&FRC to register.

THRIFT SAVINGS PLAN (TSP) | TSP is designed to give you the ability to participate in a long-term retirement savings and investment plan.

BLENDED RETIREMENT SYSTEM (BRS) | Learn what your options are and prepare for retirement by attending BRS and TSP briefings.

BUDGETING 101 | This class is designed to help learners develop financial goals and complete a flexible spending plan.

CREDIT MANAGEMENT 101 | Upon completion of this course, learners should be able to establish and maintain good credit and determine a safe debt load.

SAVING & INVESTING | Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to understand the purpose and value of saving and investing. This course will also introduce to learners how to evaluate and choose appropriate tools and techniques to build wealth. 

Employment Workshops

RESUME WRITING WORKSHOP | Learn to write an effective resume that will open the door to your next career.

INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES | Learn valuable techniques to land a job.

FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT WORKSHOP | Learn the fundamentals of applying for federal jobs and strategies for online federal applications.

SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOP | Learn techniques to enhance your job search efforts and ensure results. Explore LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social links with Sultan Camp, a well-known social media recruiting specialist.

Transition Assistance Program

To register for the workshops, briefings and seminars, please call 764-3990.

AFRC TAP Graphic

You must complete the Pre-Separation Briefing prior to attending the 5 day TAP workshop.

PRE-SEPARATION COUNSELING | All separating and retiring Airmen are required to have Pre-Separation Counseling prior to leaving Active Duty. This information is available through scheduled group briefings. Contact the A&FRC for availability.

TRANSITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM GOALS PLANS SUCCESS (TAP GPS) WORKSHOP | (Contact the A&FRC for requirements and registration). This 5-day workshop is congressionally mandated! This week will equip Airmen with skills and knowledge for entry into the private "world of work.”

VA STAND ALONE | For service members that choose to opt out of TGPS. (Eligibility: Retirees, Separatees accepted at an accredited college/university or confirmed Employment). Must provide ALL Career Readiness Standards/deliverable for Capstone.

GPS CAPSTONE | (Contact the A&FRC for requirements and to schedule your appointment) Review ITP Checklist, Validates Career Readiness Standards (One-on-One appointment with an A&FRC Staff) 

VA BENEFITS AND DTAP BRIEFING | (Contact the A&FRC for requirements and registration). A Veterans Affairs Representative will answer all of your questions concerning filing a disability claim.

Survivor Benefits

SURVIVOR BENEFITS PLAN (SBP) RETIREES | Are you retiring? Do you know which state you will retire in? Does that state tax retired pay? These and many other questions pertaining to retirement can be answered during our SBP retirement class.

Personal & Family Work Life

COMMUNITY EVENTS COUNCIL | Increase awareness levels of all community residents concerning initiatives, programs, activities, and facilities.

INTIAL KEY SPOUSE TRAINING | Training for newly assigned Key Spouses. Need signed appointment letter from the Commander of their unit. Attendees must attend both evening sessions to meet mandatory training requirements of day session.  Evening sessions offered to provide training options/flexibility.

KEY SPOUSE MENTOR TRAINING | Key Spouse curriculum training for volunteers in a mentorship role.

KEY SPOUSE NETWORKING or PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY | A compliment and learning opportunity to initial Key Spouse Training.  

KEY SPOUSE CONTINUING EDUCATION | Training for any Key Spouses & Mentors. Child/spouse abuse, Suicidal/Homicidal ideations, OPSEC, Sexual Assault

REFRESHER EXISTING KEY SPOUSE TRAINING | Training for any Key Spouses & Mentors on Child/spouse abuse, Suicidal/Homicidal ideations, OPSEC, Sexual Assault, and other relevant topics.

Air Force Aid Society

BUNDLES FOR BABIES | Topics include child rearing and stress management techniques for new moms. Eligible participants will receive an AAFES gift card & AFAS tote.

HEART LINK AF 101 FOR SPOUSES | The spouse orientation program is a great opportunity to increase knowledge of the Air Force mission, customs, traditions, protocols, and available programs and services in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Spouses are encouraged to make new friends while learning more about Air Force life.


EFMP SENSORY FRIENDLY MOVIE | This free event also includes refreshments. RSVP is required by 22 Jan.

PLANNING A SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST | Designed to help families secure both lifetime care and quality of life for their dependents with special needs. Taking steps now can help secure your dependent’s well-being.  Topics: legal, financial, medial, and educational needs.

Transition Related Services

Transition GPS Pre-Separation Briefing | This briefing is mandatory for all personnel retiring or separating from the military and is a pre-requisite to attend the Transition GPS Workshops. You will receive an overview of Entitlements and benefits and complete the DD Form 2648, Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist.

*MANDATORY* briefing & pre-requisite to the TGPS Workshop

Registration is Required – Please call 764-3990


VA Disability Claims Workshop | Disability compensation is a benefit paid to a veteran because of injuries or diseases. This workshop teaches participants how to review service medical records and identify medical conditions that may lead to a compensable disability rating with the VA. Participants will complete VA Form 21-526, Veterans Application for Compensation.

Optional workshop, Registration Required!
To register, please call A&FRC, 764-3990

VA Benefits Advisors | The VA Benefits Advisors provide education and information for all VA Benefits and Programs. They present the Congressionally Mandated 6 hour
VA Benefits I & II briefing during the Transition GPS Workshop and are also available for individual appointments.

Day and Time: M-F 0800-1600

Location: 45 Nealy Ave., Bldg 15, Room 100, B Wing

For Individual/Family appointments, please call (757) 764- 0642, (571) 499-1919 or (703) 835-4295


If you’re thinking of filing a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs for disability Compensation, please take advantage of the expert services provided by a VA accredited & trained National Service Officer from the American Veterans (AMVET) Service Organization.

Day and Time: Tue-Fri 0800 – 1600

Location: 45 Nealy Ave., Bldg 15, Room 115, A Wing


Contact: 764-7088 or 301-458-5263 (Mobile)

To make an appointment, please send an email to

Voting Assistance

The Air Force Voting Assistance Program is an ongoing program to assist military personnel, their family members and all other voting age citizens with access to the installation voter assistance office, regardless of MAJCOM or branch of service affiliation, to register and vote either at the polls or by absentee ballot. The mission of the program is to provide assistance for all elections, regardless of when they are held, with special emphasis on the period prior to general elections. The Voting Assistance Office is located in the Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC). This is your one stop shop for all of your voting needs.

For further information you can contact Langley's Voter's Assistance Office at (757) 764-3990 or You can also visit the FVAP site at


Want to know what your state requires to register, update your mailing address, or request your absentee ballots.


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