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We offer Distinguished Visitors Quarters (DVQ), Visiting Quarters (VQ), and Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF). Whether you are PCSing in or out of Langley, on TDY, or leave, we can provide you with exceptional lodging convenient to base activities and local community services. Lodging also welcomes guests on a space available basis. Our facilities and amenities meet all Air Force and ACC standards.

Proud recipient of the ACC Innkeeper Award.

Rate Adjustment

Please be advised that Air Force Services Center is anticipating a room rate adjustment in the very near future. In the event of a rate change, all in house guests will be notified.  We will provide Space A guests the option to continue their stay at the new rate or check out.  Accounts will be corrected to reflect the rate change amount the date the change becomes in effect. 


70 Nealy Ave.

Langley AFB, VA 23665

Phone: 757-764-4667


Open 24/7 for your convenience