Family Child Care

Community Child Care Coordinator

Joanne Reddick

Welcome to the JBLE Langley Family Child Care (FCC) Program

In-home child care is the most tailored form of child care.  FCC Providers operate independent, self-employed businesses; and, have assumed a very important responsibility to care for children in their homes.  The goal of the JBLE Langley FCC program is to ensure affordable, accessible and available child care services to military-connected families in our community.

Family Child Care (FCC) offers in-home care for children ages 2 weeks to 12 years, in either on-installation housing or homes in civilian communities. FCC offers families childcare when alternative weekend, evening care, swing and midnight shifts, and special needs care is required.  The groups are multi-age and smaller ratios than in the child care programs.  FCC provides families with a viable alternative to large group childcare.  FCC providers are certified by the Air Force.  Extensive training and direct oversight of each program assists providers in growing as professionals while offering care in a nurturing home environment. 

Benefits Of Family Child Care

  • Small settings with personalized care

  • Familiar home environment

  • Mixed-age groups allow children to learn from each other

  • Parents who have more than one child can use one child care setting

  • Accepts children with chronic health problems

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Develop connections between provider and family

  • "Real life" learning environment child care for:

    • Infants as young as two-weeks old

    • Children of families in crisis

    • Mildly ill children

    • Weekends/Night time or extended duty hours

Become A Family Child Care Provider

The JBLE Langley Family Child Care Program is currently seeking on- and off-base providers to help meet the challenge of providing quality care to military members. 

Becoming a provider offers the reward of direct support to the Air Force mission by caring for children while establishing a rewarding career as a professional child care provider.  The Family Child Care program offers applicants the opportunity to start their own business, set their own hours and fees and even care for their own children while providing care for others. 

In addition to the training, the program offers an extensive resource center with a full range of child development and safety items. Start-up costs are minimal and credentials follow the provider from base to base as their family makes permanent change of station moves. 

Anyone interested in starting their own child care business on JBLE Langley, or in the surrounding communities, contact Ms. Joanne Reddick, Community Child Care Coordinator at 757-506-9691 email:

Uncertified In-home Child Care

Operating a Family Child Care Home is a privilege granted by the 633d Mission Support Group Commander. Residents of Langley Family Housing are permitted to provide child care in their home for no more than 10 hours per week. If you suspect someone of providing uncertified child care in their military base home please notify

Ms. Joanne Reddick, Community Child Care Coordinator for assistance with becoming a FCC certified child care provider 757-506-9691 or email:

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement in the program is highly encouraged.  The Parent Involvement/Advisory Board was established to strengthen the partnership between families and the JBLE Child and Youth programs.  The Parent Involvement/Advisory Board meets once a quarter. If interested, please call 757-764-3585 for meeting dates and times.

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