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The Unite program operates annually through the calendar year. The last day to submit Unite event proposals is Monday, 31 October 2023. The event must be executed by 31 December 2023.

UNITE provides squadron leaders the flexibility to develop and deliver programs to build cohesion for personnel within their unit.

Unite is one component of CSAF Focus Area #1, “Revitalizing Squadrons”. Unit commanders are in the best position to execute resources that benefit Airmen under their authority. This initiative provides unit commanders with the funding to initiate programs that benefit their unit. This program will benefit all Airmen in a unit; Active, Reserve, and Civilian (appropriated and non-appropriated employees) directly assigned.


Effective 5 October 2022, the spouses/dependents of Airmen assigned to the requesting unit are authorized participants of the Unite Program. The addition of spouses/dependents as authorized Unite program participants will not result in additional funding for the units. Funding will continue to be determined by the number of individuals assigned to the squadron or unit according to the current Unit Manning Document (UMD).

Effective 1 January 2023, Commanders are able to host Wing events and activities. Also, DJ services are authorized.

Effective March 2023, all merchants providing goods and services in support of Unite events must comply with the Air Force NAF P-Card Use of Covered Telecommunications Equipment or Services Representation 889 Policy. The unit POC is required to verify the compliance of the service provider. For NAF P-Card 889 Representation Policy Form.


Program Funding is HERE!

Great news — the UNITE program funding has arrived at NAF funding! This year UNITE has added another phase to its program for 2023.

Event Planning ChecklistStep 1: Meet with squadron POC to select/develop a unit cohesive program and provide event request form

Step 2: Squadron POC will complete the event proposal form, have it signed by the Unit Commander and provide to the C3 a minimum of ten days prior to the event happening.

Submission Process- Reservations Confirmed venue, vendor and/or service providers.

- Equipment Reserved tables, chairs, canopies, inflatables, games, etc.

- Quotes from from off-base vendors and/or service providers with Federal Government Tax Exemption confirmation.

- 889 Compliance forms for all vendors blank forms available on UNITE website.

- Verify vendors accept credit card payments no Venmo, PayPal or CashApp allowed.

- UNITE Event Proposal complete w/ CC or designee signature.

- Submit UNITE Event request, vendor quotes & 889 Compliance forms to Community Cohesion Coordinator ( C3)

Approval Authority- AFSVC will approve/disapprove all events

-Events must be submitted at a minimum of 14 days (2 weeks) in advance

Unauthorized Activities & Events
- December holiday parties
- End of year events
- Unit Balls or Banquets
- Combat Dining In/Out
- Unit Training/Meetings
- Change of Commands
- Promotion/Retirements

December holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, End of Year celebrations are typically subsidized by squadron booster club funding. If December holiday parties were allowed, Unite funds would be utilized every year for this celebration only, which is not the intent of the program.)


Unauthorized Purchases

- Alcoholic beverages
- Equipment
- Rental of portable toilets, trash services, cleaning fees, cleaning supplies or cleaning companies
- Lodging or transportation costs
Audio/visual equipment or gaming devices
- Cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, face shields, thermometers, or medical equipment
- Cost of damages, late fees, or insurance
- Prizes, gift cards, giveaways, or promotional items 
- Equipment to donate to charities
- Gambling or to purchase gambling products

Service & Purchase Limitations

- AFSVC will not provide reimbursement to events that have not been approved. If a squadron executes an event without approval, all expenses will be the responsibility of the squadron.
- Decorations for Unite events should not exceed more than 10% of the event’s total cost.
- Unite events must be inclusive to all Airmen and Guardians in a squadron and cannot be divided based on rank, pay grade, age, race, gender, or religion.
- Refundable deposits are the sole responsibility of the Unit. e.g., cleaning, reservations, etc.

The Unite program was created specifically for units and sub-sets of units.

NOTE: APF dollars are intended to fund the actual team-building event (only).

Previous partnerships

  • Bethel Park

  • Langley Lanes

  • Langley ODR

  • Top Golf

  • Dave & Busters

  • Motor World

  • Eaglewood & Pines Golf Courses

  • Tagtime Laser Tag

  • Fort Monroe Pavilion 

  • SpaceWalk of Yorktown

  • Bethel Park Paintball

  • Gamer Bus

  • Hampton Harbor Cruises

  • Sandy Bottom Park

  • Langley Motor Speedway

  • Knockerball Hampton Roads

  • Play A Round Family Fun Center

James Murrell,
633 FSS/FSW Community Program & Unit Cohesion Lead Coordinator (C3)