The Crossbow Dining Facility provides a daily hot plate meal that is rotated every 28 days and offers a wide variety of fast food items, including soup and sandwich specials. There’s a Subway-style deli line where customers can create their own sandwiches.

We also have our new initiative Go 4 Green healthy menu recipes on the main line. Come check us out. The Crossbow Dining Facility caters to 5 Units across Langley AFB as well as ACC Headquarters and all Guard/Reserve drill weekends in our area. We provide hot, nutritious and flavorful meals to our Airmen that live in the dorms, open to our entire JBLE population.


49 Spruce Street

Langley AFB, VA 23665

Phone: 757-764-5144




Breakfast: 0600-0800

Lunch: 1100-1300

Dinner: 1630-1900

Weekends and Holidays

Brunch: 0630-1230

Dinner: 1700-1900